Return and Refund Policy

Because our products are custom printed and unique to each campaign, they will only qualify for refund if the product itself is flawed, if the quality of the printing is poor, or if the final product is materially different from the product presented on the site.

You must submit a claim within 15 days of the delivery date.

If there’s an issue with your product, please submit a claim through our contact form at You’ll need your order number as well as the email address used to place the order. And please attach photos depending on the situation (3 photos in total):

    • Wrong size: one photo of shipping label on the package received, one photo of size tag, photos of measurement as guided below:

  • Wrong design, wrong wording, defective product: one photo of the shipping label on the package received, one photo of the entire product on a flat surface, one photo focusing on the issue in close distance.

We will use this information to look into a replacement/refund and prevent future errors.

If the buyer does not want to get a replacement and requests for a refund, sending photos (proof) is needed (we may ask to return the product to the return address) and if the buyer failed to prove that the items were defective and therefore rejected the buyer’s claims.

Please note that customers are responsible for return shipping rates.

*Not eligible for refund/ replacement

  • Any unauthorized returns, or exchanges of items that are washed, worn, or damaged will not be eligible for a refund or replacement

  • The customer does not return the order

  • The customer is not satisfied with the product but the product does not have a problem (For example, the customer is not satisfied with coloring, texture, smell, the item does not fit, etc.)

  • The customer filed for a refund (return of charge) from a credit card company.

  • The customer has already received a refund other than this service.

  • The customer does not provide detailed information related to their refund claim (For example: We may ask the customer to submit the images of the product and the statement of delivery.)

  • Basis for the claim was due to a natural disaster, abnormal climate, planned blackout, or other unavoidable cause.